Online Giving (New 4/30)

We encourage you to begin giving online through our new online giving platform, Clover Give. It’s easy to make one-time and recurring gifts, plus view your giving history. 

  • 1.     Text “GIVE” to 940-289-8931
  • 2.     Click on link
  • 3.     Select ‘One Time’ or ‘Recurring’
  • 4.     Enter Amount
  • 5.     Select payment type (Credit Card, Debit, etc.)
  • 6.     Complete payment information
  • 7.     Select “Add 2.5% to help cover the cost of processing” (Optional)
  • 8.     Submit

Contact the Finance Team; if you have any questions. 

Thank you for being part of what God is doing at Ponder UMC!